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Two Dots Supports


Two Dots Supports

Two Dots Jewellery is dedicated to supporting the local community and minimising the impact of production on our world. We believe that giving back is an important part of running any business and we're committed to doing so.

Local Community

The Kayit Collection represents women of all backgrounds surfing in Sri Lanka. We're supporting the local community by providing access and resources to get women and children out of their houses and into the water!

50% of profits generated from this collection are donated to Watura Women's Surf Club (WWSC) - a women's surf charity here in Sri Lanka - teaching local women and girls how to surf and getting them in the water, no matter what their background or circumstances.

Animal Welfare

The local animal sanctuary here in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka - The Dog Care Clinic - look after dogs, cats, monkeys, you name it. They helped our own baby kitten, Arrack, who was abused and abandoned before he became part of our family. The charity do such amazing, inspirational work, particularly with street dogs in the area, and need our support to continue.

50% of profits from the Arrack ring are donated to The Dog Care Clinic. Follow us on social media for updates.

Two Dots People

We are dedicated to using local people and their incredible skills to bring our Two Dots Jewellery designs to life. We use the finest quality materials, including local gemstones sourced from mines here in Sri Lanka. We're committed to ethical sourcing and ensure that all workers along the production chain are treated fairly. 

Each stone is hand-cut, and the metals are hand-crafted, creating an entirely unique piece of jewellery everytime.

We'll be posting updates on Two Dots People via social media so give us a follow for further updates.